Naples Dysport Injections

Are you looking for the best Dysport in Naples, FL? Dysport is an alternative to Botox and is used to combat facial wrinkles. Though Dysport is used to temporarily get rid of wrinkles, the treatment can also prevent deep wrinkles in the future because certain facial movements will not be able to happen. Our Provider loves Dysport! She feels this product spreads the most per injection.

Watch a real patient’s testimonial, and learn how Dysport can fit into your lifestyle.

The area of your face we use Dysport on

Dysport is best used when injecting around the eyebrow area, also known as the Glabeliar lines. This area is known for the frozen look or angry look, and can be controlled with Dysport injections. Dysport can be used for your crow's feet and your forehead. with beautiful results.

How Dysport works

By injecting Dysport in certain areas of your face, we are able to reduce the amount of wrinkles by paralyzing particular muscles, typically on your forehead, between your eyes, and outside of your eyes. Because some muscles on your face will be paralyzed, some facial expressions that cause wrinkles will not be as easy to make. The procedure takes mere minutes, takes effect within two weeks, and lasts for around half a year.

Take care of the small lines that come with aging by using Dysport.

Common questions about our Naples Dysport Procedures

Below are frequent questions about our Botox injections prior to the procedure. We have general facial injections FAQ that can be viewed here. You may contact us should you have any additional questions.

Are there any side effects with Dysport?

Although very rare, some clients may experience a headache or light bruising after the procedure.

Can I go to work after the Dysport treatment?

Yes, you are able to go back to work immediately after the Dysport injections.$_tawk_popout=true